About us

Our name “Zimno” comes from Polish and meaning “cold”. Perhaps fitting for the climate here in Iceland. This cold, being many people’s first impression of Iceland, is not negative but requires some resilience and cooperation. When it is cold, it is better to gather together; there is safety and warmth in numbers. This is at the core of our ethos here at Zimno tours – we are here to help you, for your safety and to make your experience here in Iceland as comfortable as possible. It is important to us that we stay together, especially when the weather is demanding, but not only in difficult weather. It is essential to share moments with others, which brings more joy to your journeys.

Our mission

The principal of our company is to gather people that care about the environment. Even though tourism is not sustainable, we would like to reduce its impact with small changes that are feasible and slowly shift towards better and more responsible tourism. We would like to show you this beautiful country and keep it in the same shape for as long as possible.

We offer tours in a range of locations

We will go with the cars where it is essential, then we will switch to walking, cycling, skiing, kayaking, running and anything else that keeps us moving using our muscles and makes us happy.