What should I bring on the tour ?

Warm clothes, wind and waterproof jacket, an extra layer, a hat, gloves, sunglasses, water, and some snacks. Sometimes, in the winter, it might be necessary to bring micro crampons due to icy conditions on the paths.

How difficult is the hike ?

All the hikes are easy for the majority of the visitors; otherwise, it will be mentioned in the tour description.

How should I dress ?

According to the season, but keep in mind that the weather in Iceland might be unpredictable and can change rapidly.

Is it possible to join the tour as senior or with reduced mobility ?

All the sites that we visit are relatively easily accessible. Keep in mind that over the winter there can be we various weather conditions such as snow, ice, or wind. If you need special assistance, let us know before booking, and we will happy to find the best solution.

Where is departure point ?

Usually, pick-up locations are at your hotel, unless marked differently in the tour description.

Can I take my pet with me ?

Of course, all your beloved family members are welcome onboard; please let us know when you plan to bring company with you.

How much luggage can I take with me ?

During most of our tours, you don’t need more than a small day pack. On our hiking or glacier adventures, when more gear is required, we will have more space for your luggage. If you need to bring more luggage, let us know in advance.

Do I need my ID or Passport with me ?

Passport or ID is not necessary on the tour.

What cars do you use ?

We always use modern, spacious cars, depending on the specifications of the tour.

Is smoking allowed during the tour ?

We strongly encourage you to enjoy the purest air while staying in Iceland, but if you really need to smoke, please do it in designated smoking areas during the breaks.

Do I need to print my confirmation ?

No, we try to avoid printing; confirmation on your device is sufficient.

Can I bring my packed lunch ?

Of course, we strongly encourage you to bring your packed lunch; our principles are to reduce waste and impact on the environment. It’s also welcome to bring your own coffee cup.

What if my tour is cancelled ?

If the tour is cancelled, we will try to reschedule it for the following days; if it does not fit you, payment will be refunded within a few working days.

What if I miss my departure ?

We will try to reschedule your tour for the next few days if possible; if not, you will be charged the full price of the tour.

Can I cancel my reservation ?

You can cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to departure; if we receive a cancellation less than that time, the full price will be charged.

How cold is in Iceland ?

As the name of the island suggests, it is a land of ice. Summer is relatively mild, and winter is quite cold. We recommend checking the weather prior to arrival on vedur.is- therefore, an extra layer is always important in case weather changes suddenly.

Do you speak my language ?

The main language on all our tours is English. Our guides usually speak more languages. If a different language on the tour is needed, please send us an inquiry; we can usually find the best solution.

How do I pay for the tour ?

On our website, after you choose the tour, you will be able to go to the payment section and use your card to proceed with your payment.

If I am pregnant can I still join the tour ?

Most of the tours are available for everyone; in case you have doubts, please contact your doctor before booking the tour.

Do I need hiking experience?

It is not essential for most of our tours, but it is recommended for some of them. If you have any doubts, please contact us before you book a tour.

Any question ?